Why Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing… You may ask?

Email Marketing is probably the most lucrative part of any Online Marketing business strategy. It goes Hand in Hand with any business plan you choose to pursue.

What could be easier than having a list of responsive people who are interested in the niche you are working with, who trust your recommendations, and are ready to buy from you?


We’ve all heard over and over how “the money is in the List” well that is so true… but ONLY if you know how to market to them. Hence, the importance of learning “Email Marketing” and how to do it correctly.

The basic overview of Email Marketing can be described by the following points:

  • Build your list of subscribers, people interested in your Niche topic
  • Build a relationship with those subscribers, so they know who you are, and trust you enough to follow your recommendations
  • Segregate that list, so you can send the appropriate emails to the appropriate group. e.g. Leads versus Buyers?
  • Set up your email campaigns, again appropriate to each group
  • Send them your Offers and Recommendations


As I mentioned above… It doesn’t matter what your online business strategy is, Email Marketing is still a must!

For example, if your business is based on Affiliate marketing, you will have much more success with all of your offers, if you have your email marketing set up with a huge list of buyers, ready and waiting for your recommended product or service.

Same goes, if Niche Marketing is your game plan… having your list of people who are interest in your specific niche, and who already know you and have trust in you, to send your link to, with some reasons why they would benefit from the product or service. What could be easier?


If you are not already doing Email Marketing as part of your business plan, or have at least started setting it up, I would highly recommend that you get it started real soon!


Thanks for reading, and

All the Best!



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I live in Perth Western Australia with my wife Theresa, a couple big dogs and lots of birds. My main hobbies are Veggie growing and Woodwork. Offline... I am an experienced pump systems engineer, currently working as a senior mechanical engineer for a Mining Equipment manufacturer/supplier. Online... I am an Internet Marketer, with main focus currently on I.M. Niche, but starting to prepare sites in the Health & Fitness niche and some hobby niches.

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  • Shaneman

    Reply Reply September 25, 2015

    Hi Pete,

    Having an email list is a definite must with an online business.

    I agree – that separating our subscribers into two lists, such as a freebie list and a buyer list is a great idea.

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