Welcome to Peter Bentzen’s Blog

Welcome to Peter Bentzen’s Blog

This is my first post after starting to follow my new Mentor… John Thornhill, through his Partnership to Success program.

Installing this blog, and making this first post, is part of my first week’s training.

I would be happy if you would come back and follow my updates as I go through his training. From his testimonials, and the people I have spoken to, this is really an amazing course, and I am very excited about what lays ahead over the coming weeks and months.

When you do drop by, please leave a comment, so I know you have visited!

Thanks for reading…

and All the Best!



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I live in Perth Western Australia with my wife Theresa, a couple big dogs and lots of birds. My main hobbies are Veggie growing and Woodwork. Offline... I am an experienced pump systems engineer, currently working as a senior mechanical engineer for a Mining Equipment manufacturer/supplier. Online... I am an Internet Marketer, with main focus currently on I.M. Niche, but starting to prepare sites in the Health & Fitness niche and some hobby niches.

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