Pinterest Traffic Tips

Pinterest Traffic Tips

pinterest traffic

How to get more Pinterest Traffic to your Blog or Capture Pages.

Pinterest is one of those sites that is so popular with many, but unused by so many others. For years, it was pretty well regarded as being a site for recipes and fashion, and not for serious Internet Marketing Businesses.

Well, luckily this is no longer the case. Pinterest Traffic is becoming more well known in
the business circles, and very rightly so!

If you are not sending traffic to your capture pages and blogs, you are missing out.

Pinterest Traffic is extremely good for Blog Posts, and for building your lists by sending people to your Capture (optin) pages.


Here are some recent facts about Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has over 250 million Active Monthly users
  • Pinterest has over 175 Billion Pins and 3 Billion Boards
  • About 50% of Users are from USA, that’s about 29% of all Adults in USA
  • While only 7% of Users were Men up to early 2018, over 50% of new sign-ups are now men.
  • Nearly 85% of searches are on mobile devices
  • Each pin is worth approx. 78 cents in sales


The other important fact about Pinterest is the time your posts (pins) last.
Compared to just a few minutes on FaceBook, 24 minutes on Twitter, on Pinterest
your pins last for over 150,000 minutes, that’s nearly 4 months!


So, how do you this to drive traffic to your sites?

Firstly, you obviously need to set up your account and profile.
The most important aspect to remember while doing this, is to treat Pinterest as a Search Engine, not as your typical social media site. You must do some research and choose some keywords that will help people find you and your pins.

The quickest way to do this is to use the search box at the top of the page, just type in your topics (what your niche and blog is specifically about) and watch the keyword phrases in the suggestions. These suggestions, like Google or YouTube are phrases that people are actually searching for in Pinterest, so use them word for word.


Business Account:

Also, it is important to upgrade your account to a Business account, and to accept the Pinterest Business terms of service. Apart from complying with their policies, there are advantages in having a business account, including:

  • Access to some really in-depth analytics
  • Ability to use Rich Pins, which have more details about your posts follow you around
  • Access to their very low cost advertising system. (Not mandatory, but very worthwhile, when you are ready)

Your Exposure for Traffic:

Once you have this, it’s all about your exposure, creating ‘Boards’ and adding “Pins” to your boards.
Each Pin, requires a link, so when people see your pin and are interested, they click to open the pin, then click again and they are taken directly to your Blog Post, Squeeze page or Webpage.

The trick is to have the right people see your pins.
Use your keyword phrases in your Board titles and descriptions.
Use your keyword phrases in your Pin titles and descriptions.

You will need to add new Pins regularly, a few everyday is needed to get seen and to establish yourself and your branding on Pinterest.

Your Pins should be visually attractive to grab attention. The main text on the image should be bright and stand out from the pin background. The image and the smaller text should clearly tell the viewer what it’s all about, and you need to include a Call to Action, tell them what you want them to do next, and what they get if they do this.

If your Pin is directed at a particular item for sale, you should include your price on the actual pin.

Traffic Tip 2:

Another tip regarding pins is the real estate you take up.
Small square pin images take up less space than long/tall pins.
The minimum size image you should be using is 500px wide x 1000px high, the recommended size is 736px wide x 1102 high, and many people are going taller.

My standard size I use is 700 wide x 1500 high, but this is up to you.

One last tip on pins is that according to Pinterest, light colored images get 20% more clicks than darker colored images.

Your Boards:

Boards should have at least 30 pins on each. These should be a mixture of your own pins and other peoples pins, that are closely relevant to your board topic. A quick way to start a new board on a specific new topic, can be to create the board, do a search on your main keywords for this board, re-pin maybe 10 -15 pins onto your board, and then start adding your own pins, with one or two other people’s pins mixed in.

You should have one main board that consists of only your own pins, you can then place this board as the first board under your profile. If your pins on this board particularly, are to your blog posts, use a number of Rich Pins. These have the added bonus, of pulling the actual Post Title and Meta Description from your blog post directly into the pin title and description.

This data also stays with your pin when someone else re-pins it onto their boards.

Free Report on Pinterest Traffic:

If you are looking for more tips and details for Driving Traffic from Pinterest, we have a Free PDF Report you can download, it’s called Pinterest Traffic Pulsewave. It is free, but you will need to optin.

Pinterest traffic video courseOr… If you would prefer a fully detailed Video Course, you can take a look at Get Your Traffic From Pinterest.

It’s not free, but it is huge value!

You get 9 HD Videos covering some awesome tricks, and all over the
shoulder action based detailed instruction.






Thanks for reading, and as always, please leave your comments or questions below!

All the Best!
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