Tips to Get Started with Email Marketing

12 Best Tips to Get Started with Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips

We all know the importance of having our own mailing list.
The problem is, what to do with your list of subscribers, once you’ve built your list?

Email Marketing is very important, but hugely misunderstood!

If you don’t treat them right, you will have a list of non-responsive email addresses, or even loose them.
There are several things you must do, to make sure they are responsive, and eventually buy from you.
It basically comes down to K.L.T. (Know, Like & Trust). If your subscribers aren’t cultivated to have K.L.T. towards you, they won’t get their wallets out.

Here are some of my best tips, to help get this happening for you, so you can enjoy Email Marketing Success!


1. Find out what your competition is doing:
Every niche will be different, you need to be doing what your subscribers expect, as best you can.
One way you can have a good start on this is to find out what others in your industry are doing with their email marketing, so you can do some of the same.

Spend some time to find other marketers in your niche, and subscribe to their lists. Check what types of emails they send, and when they send them. Check out what products they are promoting, and even, how often they send their emails.
It is best to pick what you like and mix these into your own original plans, not just do exactly what others are doing.


2. Get an Email List Manager Service:
You can expect to send a lot of emails on a regular basis, particularly as your lists grow. Obviously, you can’t do this from your own email address, and you will also need to comply with CAN SPAM laws, so you need unsubscribe links, your address, etc in every email.

To simplify and automate this, you need to have a decent List Manager Service, such as Aweber, Get Response or Mail Chimp. These services will give you good delivery rates, save your domains from being blacklisted, and automatically add your address, add unsubscribe links, and automatically make sure you comply with the law.

There are many to choose from, and each have slight differences in features, user interfaces, etc.
You must look at a few, and decide which one best suits your business.


3. Segregate Your Lists

You should always segregate your lists, maintain your buyers separate from freebie seekers, people who sign up for different reports, etc.

The reason for this is to allow you to provide the most relevant content to each group of people, on your lists.
The better you can segment, the more highly targeted your emails will be, and hence you will achieve more engagement, higher click through rates, more sales, and keep your subscribers happy to stay with you.

You can obtain more data on your subscribers, such as gender, age group, location, etc.
Also, by analysing your buyers spending habits, interests, etc. Then use this data to deepen your segmentation, and send even more highly targeted emails.


4. Send Regular Emails, but don’t overdo it!

One of the biggest things that people argue about, when discussing or teaching email marketing, is how often
you should email your lists.
There are many different opinions, ranging from 1 or 2 a month, all the way to 3-4 per day.
Several surveys have shown that up to 69% of unsubscribes are because of too many emails from that sender.

I am can be one of these people. I don’t stay subscribed to a list if I often get more than 1 email per day.


However, this is not true for everyone! There are so many different opinions, that you must test and decide what is the best balance for your business, and for your subscribers.

My take on all this is that an ideal frequency is 5-6 emails per week, rarely two in the same day, and definitely
no less than 2-3 per week. But… that’s just my opinion, as I mentioned above, there is no one answer that fits everybody.


5. Keep your emails informative, but brief:

These days, people get so many emails and other messages, they will not spend time reading long emails.
While you must give them valuable content, you have to keep it to the point, short paragraphs and well formatted, so they can be easily scanned.

So, people will open a short blurb or daily advice tip, but they generally won’t stay subscribed for long emails every day, or if they do, probably won’t read it all, and your click through rates will suffer.


They want to scan, get the idea of what it’s about, and then click the link if they are interested. Here are some
great ways to increase your scan-appeal:

  • Use bullet points with plenty of white space.
  • Avoid using ALL CAPS LIKE THIS or Italics, since they are difficult to read.
  • Keep your columns of copy narrow, since this will make it easier to read.
  • Use large, bold fonts that can be read quickly and easily.

The more work you do for your readers, the more likely they are to read and interact with your messages.
Make it easy and convenient for them to engage, and you’ll see great Email Marketing results.


Always Test and make changes to accommodate what your subscribers want!


This post is just the start, I have prepared a Free Report you can grab with more details and a total of 12 tips.
Get the whole report Free… here!


Please leave your comments and questions below, I will be happy to respond!

All the Best!

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