Hi… It’s Peter (Pete) Bentzen here.

I have been working a little on trying to create a substantial income from Internet Marketing for quite a few years, probably since around 2014, but had never applied myself to reach this goal. I have tried many different things and made a few dollars here and there, but up to recently, I have always spent more than I had earned. I have always jumped from one thing to another, and never put a true effort into finishing what I start, or getting a full system into play, and working the way it was intended to work. Often I blamed the products, but looking back, most of the problem was me, and not the product at all.

I live with my wife Theresa near Perth, Western Australia. I was born and have always lived near Perth, and quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I have traveled a reasonable amount, but am always happy to get home.

We have a lovely dog, Kia, she is an Akita and is about 9 years old. We also have a lot of birds, which are Theresa’s hobby. She has 6 aviaries with a mixture of Budgies (Budgerigars), Love Birds and Weiros (Cockatiels).

My main interests outside of the Internet and my Engineering work are Gardening, Woodwork, and watching V8 Supercars racing. I have a substantial veggie garden at home, and love working in it, and get a buzz from picking and enjoying the produce from it.
Mostly, I grow Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes, chilies, lettuces, water melons, rock melons, zucchini, snow peas, cabbages, and a few Asian veggies.

veggies image

Watermelons, Lettuces, Tomatoes.

We also have a small orchard with orange, mandarin trees and an olive tree. 8 trees in total.

I work full time as a Mechanical Engineer for a company that manufactures mineral processing equipment, for the mining industry, mostly in gold, silver, copper and smaller iron ore projects. As well as supplying equipment, we also do feasibility studies, and process plant designs, upgrades and refurbishments.

Recently, there has been a huge downturn in the mining industry here, which has resulted in redundancies, and salary cutbacks. I have been fortunate to keep my job, but things are uncertain, and obviously the day could come when I too loose my position. So far I have suffered a salary cut, and lost my company vehicle.

To me… this has been a real shake up, and I have made a personal commitment to get serious with my online endeavors, and in time build a reliable replacement for the income from my ‘job’.

I spent a lot of time reading and researching what is being done by the people who are succeeding, and now have no doubt that what I have been told for years, and basically ignored, is very true!


To succeed with online marketing, I do need to:

  • Set my goals, write them down, in detail and in achievable chunks, and refer to them constantly.
  • Choose a business model with timelines to achieve my goals, and stick to it.
  • Treat it like a Real Business, not a hobby.
  • Build a responsive contact list, and treat them with a huge respect.
  • Get a mentor, and follow his training!

In the past years, I had not seriously done any of the above.

BUT NOW… I have been following these steps, and made a HUGE difference to my own satisfaction and motivation, and I am moving forward, and seeing the success begin, faster than I dreamt!


All the Best!