Push or Pull Marketing: for Social Media

Push or Pull Marketing: for Social Media

Push and Pull Marketing are two different strategies commonly used in digital marketing. The primary difference between two, is in how potential customers are approached. Both methods are very commonly used on social media sites… But, which is best?

laptop imageIn push marketing, the idea is to promote products and Services by pushing them out onto people, who haven’t asked about them. On the other hand, in pull marketing, the idea is to establish your own Authority in your niche, build a loyal following, by creating a rapport with people first, and then use your relationship and authority on the subject, to draw consumers to the products.

Push Marketing on Social Media Sites

With Push Marketing, the person will attempt to place their offers in front of people, without knowing anything about them or their needs. The term push comes from the idea that the marketers are attempting to ‘push’ their products at possible consumers. Hoping that people will buy, even if they did not set out to buy that product, simply through sending them a link to an offer web-page.

For example, on Facebook, the marketer might send a friend request to random people and as soon as accepted, send a private message containing only a link to their Sales or Affiliate Page. The only criteria in choosing that person to contact, might be that they mention the niche concerned, on their profile or in a post.

This method does have some success, but is purely a numbers game, and conversion rates are very low.
As Online Marketing grows on social media sites such as Facebook, many people are complaining about this practice. The marketer didn’t want another Friend, they only wanted their link in front of another person. This leads to a bad reputation for the seller, and usually they get unfriended and/or blocked. If they are an affiliate marketer for someone else’s product, this can also give the product a bad name.


Pull Marketing on Social Media Sites

On the other hand, with Pull marketing (also known as Attraction Marketing), you take the opposite approach. The end goal of pull marketing is to get customers to come to you and ask about your product. Hence the term pull, where marketers are attempting to pull customers in. From a business perspective, pull marketing attempts to create brand loyalty and keep customers coming back, whereas push marketing is more concerned with short-term ‘one-off’ sales.

To follow on with the Facebook example I used above, in the case of Pull Marketing, when the Friend Request is accepted, the originator would make a friendly connection, start some chatting on a more personal theme, to start a relationship or rapport with the new friend. Eventually, he would hope, the new friend would ask about his products, and the products offered would be those most suited to the actual person and their needs. This is usually a slower approach, but with higher conversions, and is aimed at the longer term, repeat customers.

To assist with this happening faster, you would set up your Facebook profile in line with your niche, and post regular valuable content aimed at increasing your authority and posture. Essentially branding yourself as the expert in your niche.


Soft Push Marketing

Soft Push Marketing is a relatively new term, used to describe a mix of Pull (attraction) Marketing and Push Marketing.
mobile image 1This entails a push marketing aspect, of initially contacting the prospect, without them being a Friend, and without them asking about you or your products, but in such a way that your aim is for them to respond back to you. This part is considered Push Marketing.

However, you do not send your link or mention your product to them at that stage. You simply message them, and then wait for them to respond, nothing else.

If they do respond, you start a prepared chat sequence with them, but only ‘share’ with them, what you are doing, and how it is working for you, and how it might help them. Then, only if this interests them, they will ask for information, and it is only when they ask that you show them the product. Hence… ‘Soft’ Push Marketing.

My Take on it all – for Social Media Marketing

For the past several months, I have been strong supporter of Pull Marketing on my Facebook profile, and have been using this method for lead generation, in the Make Money Online niche.
This has worked, but been very slow for me, particularly as I am of a very introverted nature, and haven’t found messaging people and building a quick rapport with them, as easy as most people do. This has led me to look for additional ways of building my business faster.

Recently, I came across the Soft Push method, and have decided to use this method for my main lead generation system, for my Email Marketing. Taking this method with the Silent List Building program, I am having faster and more consistent results.

My friend Claes recently showed me how he built a new list of over 700 people in just a day, and we can do it all completely free. Since I saw how he did it, I’ve been using it and I’m also seeing great results.

If you have a small advertising budget, you can use FB ads to move this along even faster.

I would be happy to introduce you to these methods, all Free to get started.
Find me on Facebook and send me a message, or Click Here for a free video on “Silent List Building”

Thanks for reading, I hope it’s of use to you! – AND… Please leave your comments below!

All the Best.

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