Is List Building Still Worth Doing?

Is List Building Still Worth Doing?

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The current statistics on the effectiveness Email Marketing over other marketing methods, speak for themselves.

While many people have been changing their efforts to Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter for networking and selling, the most successful online marketers are still getting far better success from Email Marketing for the largest part of their incomes.

As sites like Facebook regularly change their algorithms, it gets harder  to get the reach you used to receive, when you make a post.
If you are really lucky, only about 6% of your fans might see your new Facebook post, whereas your email open rates are at an average of 22% (according to GetResponse stats), which you can build up to 40-45% if you take the trouble to learn how to do things right?

This is just for your “Reach”, meaning just how many of your fans are shown your post, but as far as Click Through rates on your links are concerned, the statistics are saying that emails are getting 50 to 100 times the click-throughs on your links, compared to what you will get from Facebook or Twitter.

For “Conversions” (including subscriber optins and sales), are saying that Email Marketing ROI (Return On Investment) is 122% average, while Social Media Marketing comes in with an ROI of just 28%. That’s more than 4 times the ROI from Email Marketing compared to Social Media Marketing.

I’m not suggesting that you give away doing anything at all on FaceBook, Twitter or other
Social Sites, but I am definitely saying that you should be Building Lists and using Email
Marketing. You should definitely be giving more time to this than you spend on Social Sites.

Make it Your Main Focus:

It doesn’t matter whether you are an affiliate marketer or sell your own products, your email list should remain as your main focus for marketing strategies, and always will be your best source of truly targeted traffic.

I’m not just talking about building a list, and thinking it’s done, I’m talking about treating your list building and email marketing as your main focus, in the long term. It’s a forever on-going process!

So…, if you are not building lists and email marketing yet, you need to get to it, as a priority.

The first things you should do, are:

Be sure of your chosen starting niche. Break it down to a sub-niche, not too wide or general, the more targeted you are, the better your results will be.
Get yourself a “quality” give-away, specifically targeted to your chosen sub-niche. The quality and perceived value need to be high!

  • If you don’t have an auto-responder service (email management service) account, this is the time to open one. Then set up a list, and create an Optin Form.
  • Write a few initial introductory emails, and load these in your auto-responder.
  • Create a capture page (squeeze page).
  • As a minimum, include an image of your give-away, an attention grabbing headline, some benefits and your optin form.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your capture page.

That’s a good start, then you can track the results you are getting, and optimize as you go.
You will find that after your first set-up is done, it will be easier to repeat this, and begin to segregate your lists, to keep them really targeted.

As your subscriber numbers increase, pay more attention to the emails you send out, see what is working, and what’s not.

Split Test and Optimize.

The above seems very simple, and it really is just a basic overview, there is a lot more to it.
You do need to learn a lot more about list building and email marketing, to make a good income, but please don’t do what many do, and wait until you think everything is perfect before you even get started, you might find that you will never make it happen at all.


Seriously… Get something in place, and improve it as you go!

You can get a copy of my 10 Best List Building Tips free from here:

Please don’t forget to leave your comments or questions below!

Enjoy… and All the Best!

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