Email Ideas You Can Send Your List Over and Over

Email Ideas You Can Send To Your List Over and Over.

email marketing imageWhen you are running out of ideas of what type of email you should send out to your list, the following three types of emails will help you to keep your subscribers happy.

You can actually rotate between these three email types continuously, and you will find fresh ideas popping up regularly.

The three types of emails I’m talking about, that will ensure your readers never
grow tired of, are:

1. A Fresh Personal Story that leads into a Lesson they can use.

The Idea here, is to have users get to know you more and at the same time, connect with you emotionally. If you can write this in a way that it explains why they need a certain tool or lesson in their business, they will also get a lot of value out of your email.

Tell them a personal story, that you or a friend has experienced.
It is fine to make it somewhat emotional, but make sure it does have energy to it.
Tie in a “and the moral of the story is” or even just a short lesson relevant to your niche or market.

For example, if you run a list in the stock speculation niche, you might tell a story of how you lost a big sum of money in a short period of time.
Then, break down what you did wrong and turn the your bad experience into a lesson.
Finish the story with a “pre-sell” to an affiliate product by showing how it will help them to avoid the same issue, and include your affiliate link.

If you ever have trouble coming up with topics, just take out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming for relevant stories that have happened in your life, to a family member, or business associate.

2. The Q&A Email.

The idea here is that you can get your subscribers to ask questions pertaining to your niche topic. You then pick a question asked, and email your list with an answer, and lead this into a solution based on a particular resource or software, whatever will help them to solve the particular issue.

One well known Marketer, David De-Angelo built his info-marketing business, with about 80% of his emails being just him answering his customer questions.

Even if you don’t have subscribers emailing you questions yet, simply go to internet forums related to your niche and find some questions being asked there.
Answer these questions in your emails to your list and encourage others to ask their questions as well.

As long as you’re answering relevant questions that others want to hear the answers to, your readers will never grow tired of your emails.

3. The How To Email

This is a very common article template. Basically, you teach your subscribers how to do something,
that will help them in their business.

If you’ve owned your list for a while, you probably already run into the problem of having talked about
almost everything relevant to your niche.
If you do run into that issue, try sending a “how to” email that’s related, but it doesn’t have to be directly in your specific niche.

For example, if your list is about general internet marketing, instead of writing yet another article about how to get traffic to their sites, why not try writing an article about how to stay concentrated when working from home? Or about how to get over your first website flop?

Just think outside the box a little bit with your how to topics, and you will find that the possibilities are really endless.
These are just three email types that you can use over and over again without your Subscribers getting tired of them.
They never get old, because the actual content is always different. It’s just the framework that stays the same.
If you ever run out of ideas for your emails, try using one of these three to spark your imagination.


Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

Please add your own ideas or comments below, we love hearing from you.

All the Best!

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