How to get Traffic to your blog

How to get Traffic to your blog?

traffic1One of the biggest problems for me in the past, has been getting people to view and interact, with my blog and websites.

There are so many people out there offering different advice, and there are so many different choices.

I think my problem has been largely due to listening (or reading about) so many different ways to send traffic to my sites, and never mastering any of them, and I’m sure this applies to pretty well all newbies, and many veterans too.

What I am doing, moving forward, is to select one method of driving traffic, take action and get it working, then select another method, and again learn it, implement it and get it working… and so on until I have traffic flowing in from several sources.
I think the real trick is to Not put all your eggs in one basket, but still work on your chosen method until it’s rolling along, before moving on to the next.

Another problem, especially for newbie traffic drivers, is with some of the more popular methods, the rules change so often that we often just get going, and we have to start learning all over again.

A couple of the worst offenders of this problem are Google (and other search engines) changing their algorithms for SEO traffic, and Facebook also change their rules and set-up methods for FB ads quite frequently.

I have read many times, particularly lately, that all traffic costs! The only choice you have is whether you want to pay with your money (paid), or with your time (free). In my case, I have decided to go for a split between paying for some quick and fairly instant traffic and some also doing some work to gain the slower but often more consistent traffic.

Note: this is only consistent, if your effort is consistent!

Some of the many methods that are commonly being taught around the net, right now are:

Paid (with money) methods;

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Solo Ads
  • Youtube Traffic

Free (paid with time) methods;

  • Forum Signatures
  • Blog Commenting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ad Swaps
  • Joint Ventures (JVs)

There are also many others that are also used alone, or in combination, such as:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Once you are a little established, and have your own product(s), run your own Affiliate Program with your products

In all of above I haven’t mentioned the most important one of all… and that is to build your own email lists in your niche(s), and have a ready made list of customers to send your links and offers to.

Whatever you do online to make money, do not follow what I have done for so long, and ignore List Building, it should be your number one priority!

Have you got Your List Building rolling along nicely?
Please let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading,
All the Best!



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