3 Internet Marketing Questions Answered

internet marketing questionsIn this post, I will answer 3 Internet Marketing Questions – Truthfully!

I have 3 Internet marketing Questions that I’m sure some people won’t like my answers, and others simply won’t believe them, but I have first hand experience, so harsh or not, these are truthful answers.

Fact: 95% of people who try some form or other, of Internet Marketing, fail to get to the point of a worthwhile on-going profit. It is based on this, that I feel the need to answer these particular questions.

Question 1:

Every day there are new money making methods put out there. How do we know what to follow and what to leave behind?


This comes back to your own planning of your business and you focusing on your plan.
If you have a plan in place, and you are focused on that plan, you know what you have to do, to achieve your goals, and choosing what is relevant to achieving this, should not be hard at all.

If you are tempted to buy, and go through everything you that is placed in front of you, then you need to work on your business plan and/or your focus, if you do have a plan.

To take this to extremes, if your schedule is to write and post on your “Internet Marketing – Make Money Online” blog, and I offer you a new Weight Loss video course at a low launch price, with rights so you can learn from it, but also sell it to make lot’s of money from it.
a) If you’re focused on your plan and work schedule, you won’t be interested at all.
b) If you you don’t have a plan, or your focus is less than it should be, you will probably buy it, but unfortunately, you will probably never get it online, and never make a cent from it, because it’s not your niche.

The problem gets worse if for example the product offered is in your niche, as in this case, you really must be completely focused on your plan and what you are working on, or you can easily be drawn to the product, even though it won’t help you at this time, and it will most likely reduce your focus.

Question 2:

Our second Internet Marketing Question is, there’s lots of business models online, can you tell us why it’s important to follow just one?
And avoid jumping from program to program?


A great question, you really hit the nail on the head there.
It’s kind of like information overload. The best way to avoid it, is similar to the last question, you MUST have a business plan, and a schedule of tasks, designed to achieve your plan. If you don’t, you will have no chance of keeping your focus.
Choose a business model that you’re comfortable and works for you and then… whatever you do, follow it.

The typical Internet Marketing business model today was really pioneered and perfected by Mike Filsaime and it’s what he
called his “Butterfly Marketing system”.

Basically, you give something away for free in exchange for people signing up to your list, then you offer them a
one time offer for one of your products, if they say no you offer them a second one time offer which might be a lite version
of the first at a lower cost, or something closely related. If they say no again, then they collect their free gift.

But, this is just one model, there are many more to choose from.

The point is… You must choose a Niche, choose a Business Model, and form a Business Plan to get this going. If you don’t, you cannot keep focused, and this WILL result in eventual failure.

Question 3:

The next Internet Marketing Question that we will answer is: What are the characteristics of a successful internet marketer?


This is another great Internet Marketing Question.
In some ways the answer can be considered the same as for any successful business manager.

However, the biggest characteristic I’ve noticed in some of the most successful Internet Marketers, is their “Can Do” attitude.
It doesn’t matter what might be happening around them, or who says it can’t be done, they just put their blinkers on, head down and they make it happen.

Another is the ability to manage their time, especially for those who work from home, or work solo.
This Time Management really boils down to what we’ve been talking about above…

  • Have a Plan
  • Set manageable tasks to achieve the plan, attach a schedule to these tasks
  • Focus, Focus, Focus, in order to get things done.

Another important characteristic, is the ability to Outsource.

As your business grows, you cannot do everything yourself. If you try, things will not be done properly.
So, while it’s important to understand what needs to be done, work out which tasks are better done by someone else
and outsource. Initially at least, many people find this a hard thing to do, but you have to.

Need Help with This?

If you have not worked out what niche, or what Business Model you want to base your I.M. business on, we have some courses that will help you do these, in an organized and efficient manner. This is more important than many think, and it can be the difference between success and failure. Click Here, to see our courses.

More Questions:

OK… Writing this post, has made me think of other Internet Marketing Questions, that may be just as important to answer.
So, I will be writing more of these in the near future, why not look out for them.

If you have your own pressing question you would like my view on, why not ask me in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!
All the Best!

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